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I'm Jasmine Kristiansen

I’m 26 years old. I was born in Oslo in Norway, which is also the city I currently live in. I’m half dutch, where my dad is the dutch one. I visit the Netherlands almost every year. I have 4 siblings in total, with one of them living in the Netherlands.

Over the years I’ve been using photoshop and video editing softwares to edit for personal use. I love everything creative so in my free time I draw, paint, knit, crochet and much more, but my main passion is drawing and painting. I sit almost everyday drawing in my sketchbook. I love working with colors,but there are days where I just love to just use graphite pencils. Usually I draw portraits of people, whether it’s from movies, tv shows or of my friends and family. I also like to occasionally draw animals. One other thing I also love doing is traveling. I love visiting new cities and photograph my memories.

To check out more of my work that isn't featured in the portfolio, go to my reflective journal blog here:


My education

I have a bachelor degree in landscape engineering, and currently I’m studying graphic design at Noroff. Those are very two different fields. When I started studying engineering I wanted to seperate my hobby from work, but I’ve learned later that I would still love to work in the design field, which is why I started graphic design.

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